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Friday, 4 January 2008

I Have Space!

Payed a little visit to Ikea in Wembley and came back with a new desk. Woot. It was my first time there or any Ikea and I have to say it was a pretty strange experience. They give you a pencil and a piece of paper before you make your way around the showroom. If you saw an item you liked, you would jot down the 2 numbers on a label attached. Upon reaching the end of the maze, you are thrown into a huge warehouse where you have to fetch your boxes off of the palettes. I found it strangely fun... kind of like a treasure hunt...

I have so much space now, well, compared to my old desk. I'll probably pile it up with junk in no time anyway.
New Desk

Satisfied my craving for DIY nicely... for a little while.

Soon after, I got bored of work again so I decided to fold some paper :).


God I love building crap.

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