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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Love comes from the most unexpected places...

Feeling deflated. Up at this godforsaken hour, working. I've somehow slipped down the slope of staying up later and later. As far as I can tell there's no way to get back up it. Help me. There's just so much on my mind at the moment, I'm drunk from all of these thoughts.

I can no longer think ahead in time further than a day. The future doesn't exist, I tell myself. The only time and place is now. Which is why I'm gonna be screwed when exams begin to rear their ugly heads out from their cage.

While Left Brain has been working his arse off, Right Brain has been feeling lonely and neglected as I ignored him. Plus I'm hungry, but i'm far too tired and too naked to go make something in the kitchen. So with an apple in one hand I started to sort and process some photos from last week. Then I sat by the piano and bashed around on that thing for a while playing this awesome song from an anime called Nodame Cantabile. Pretty.

Here are some photos courtesy of Right Brain while Lefty takes a break.

Love comes from the most unexpected places
"Love comes from the most unexpected places"
It could be from someone you've known all along, or from some stranger's eyes you've never met. I'm not sure how or why I came up with this, it just popped into my head when I saw the little petals. It didn't help that it was bloody windy...

"No Diving or Swimming"
Better do as it says.

No good comes from all work and no play. Don't let anything get the best of you. I am deflated no more. Art is my air hose.


RaiNyDays & SuNdAyS said...

No good comes from all work and no play. Don't let anything get the best of you.

Anonymous said...

Oi! Get off my name!

Daniel Sung.

Jing said...

the movie from nodame cantabile is out. catch it :)